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Day 2

Day 1

Hi I'm Kaylan. I am currently in the process of starting my own graphic design business - Byway Creative.

What I hope to gain from this class is little more confidence in my own work when it comes to drawing and fine art, and also getting into the habit habit habit habit creating art everyday. 

In project one I blindly chose my hot pink crystal bic. I really like how thick the ink covers and the texture it leaves on the paper. 

Thanks for looking <3



Day 2

For this quick drawing the subject I randomly chose was food and I decided to use my watercolor pencils. What I enjoyed the most was the layering process of the pencil with texture and water adding depth and dimension.  


Day 3

Today I rolled an eight with my two dice. It felt ok at first but then when I didn't get the result I wanted after the eight minutes I panicked and spent another eight minutes not even perfecting it :P 


Day 4

Made art at the dining room table today. It was nice because it is always free of clutter. 


Day 5

No popcicle sticks in my neverending room of "craft suply" so I rolled two dice. Lucky number 7 came up.



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