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[Day 2 update] Sketchbook magic here I go!

Day 2: Asparagus

Well, for the past couple of weeks, the asparagus sprout that I randomly bought last year and put in my garden has been shooting up skinny little asparaguses (is that how you pluralize that?). It's been in my head my head to try and sketch it so my "magic word" was automatically picked out already :) I used the watercolor pen-brush and watercolor pencils to make my sketch today!


Day 1: A Box of "Cray-pas"

I was rummaging through my drawer of random things and came across a box of Japnese crayon-pastels called Cray-pas so decided to give them a try. I used the very end of each color to make round marks on my sketch page to see where it would lead :) It started to remind me of city lights at night so filled in the rest with black. Not used to doing random marks or abstract pictures so it was a new kind of exercise for me, even though it's such a simple piece.



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