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Day 10 Writing through the Fog

This is the special Day 10 and I still have a cold. I'm up to the coughing and spluttering stage. I know, too much information. Splutter is such a descriptive word!

I have so few colds, is there any way that I could shorten the duration? Do it the Jewish way and eat chicken soup? Do it the Chinese way and eat plain rice congee and don't go near chicken? Eat lots of oranges? Do you feed a cold or starve a cold?

I'm thinking feed a cold as I've been very hungry since it started. I'm having a thing for meat, and carbs, lots of carbs - bread, noodles, cake. This can't be right.

And I've been drinking a lot - I need a cold drink, with ice in it, I need a hot drink, steaming hot, I need a cold drink, I need a hot drink ....

Last night I had a nightmare about being live meat for a restaurant. The diner could choose femaile meat or male meat. It must have been all the rubbish I ate last night. And it probably was related to the book I've been reading lately by A A Gill, a restaurant critic, who can tell the difference between male and female deer meat.

I don't know whether this nightmare was worse than the one I had the other night where Tony Soprano and his gang were hunting me down. I have to get over this cold! There is only so much nocturnal crouching and hiding I can do!

So here I am at the end, I've procrastinated so long that it is now actually Day 11, 12:04 am to be exact. I'm writing instead of sleeping and dreaming. It's been fun, and very helpful and I've enjoyed reading other people's projects and communicating with them. Thank you Emily.

(Photo credit: Cory Doctorow, Bread, Spitafields Market, London, Flickr)

Day 9  What's Underneath

Today I noticed that I have nothing to notice. The mind is a blank, nothing stands out. Come on, there has to be something that is in your mind? Something underneath?

Today I realise that I have to come to terms with the fact that I am ageing. I've had a painful wrist since last Christmas. Went to the physio. Is it a fracture? No, but there's something weird happening in there. Eventually I was referred to a hand surgeon.

The hand surgeon gave me a steroid injection. The wrist felt somewhat better. Avoid doing certain things like twisting and lifting.

At the follow-up appointment I told the doctor that my left wrist was showing the same symptoms. The verdict - you are ageing. No, apart from the rare steroid injection, there is nothing else we can do unless you want an invasive operation which will probably turn up nothing. You don't want that.

But I can't spend my life not twisting or lifting! You may somehow improve, It has been known to happen, but it is ageing related.

This is a bit hard to take.

Day 8: Random

Today I noticed that it's hard to get your timing right when visiting the doctor. The last two times that I saw her, she ran 2 hours late and I was fretting over the cost of my pay-later parking spot. This time I got to a pay first parking spot and paid for almost 2 hours. I was out in less than an hour!

Today I noticed that second-hand books are an irresistable buy when they are only $1.50 each, even when I have nowhere to put them.

Today I noticed that it is hard to get someone else to cook broccoli for dinner. We had frozen peas tonight.

Today I noticed that it is hard to stay silent when I watch the series The Sopranos, with my family, and my children are constantly speculating on what is going to happen next. I have already seen the whole series. Only 1 1/2 seasons to go!

Today I noticed that my parents are quite able to manage without my help. It's just that they miss me.

Today I noticed that my cold is getting worse, not better. 

Day 7 Watching the Day Go By

Today I noticed that time goes slowly when you have a cold.

I stayed home today and spent most of it in bed, trying to head off the cold that I knew was coming - funny taste in the mouth, papery throat, feeling cold in the front of my thighs and my chest, sleepiness.

I didn't sleep, even though I spent the night awake, fretting over, I don't know what! Have I got too much of the blanket? Has he taken my blanket again? Why am I so hot? I'm too cold! I need some water. Boo hoo, not time to get more medication yet.

Now it is night and I have been unsuccessful in stopping the cold. I don't want to stay home tomorrow but I'd better keep away from others, especially the elderly lady who sits next to me at writing group. But I wrote a story about tattoos that I'm dying to read out! I'll be good though and stay away.

Looks like another day tomorrow watching time go slowly by.

Day 6 Stuck

Today I noticed that I'm starting to get addicted to technology.

My laptop is open all the time. I'm always looking up things, nothing particularly interesting. It's such a time waster!

I could be doing something else, something more useful, and I do, but then I feel the need to go back to find out something else that has popped up into my mind, and I get stuck.

This is not how I want to be. Finding out the answer to things is never as satisfying as I expect it will be.

Tomorrow I will do better.

Day 5 Art

Today I noticed that I don't know how I feel about visual art.

I had a few hours to kill today while I waited for my car to be serviced, and decided to catch a train to the city. I arrived in a tourist area by the harbour and as I wondered around I could see in the morning sunlight, how beautiful our city could be to locals and visitors alike. I always feel like I'm holidays when I'm here.

The Museum of Contemporary Arts was open. We always like to visit this place a couple of times a year. I joined a tour of the latest big exhibition. By the end of the tour the cheerfulness that I felt an hour before had drained away and was replaced by depression. The artwork was beautiful but on a closer look was full of sadness, pain, anger, hate and cynicism.

I thought to myself, I didn't enjoy that, and on thinking back to the times we have tooked at art, a lot of it has been like this. If I have to look at another penis depicted in paint, tapestry, pottery or sculpture, I'll scream. I'll scream too if I have to look at blood and violence depicted in these mediums.

I like playfulness in art and cannot understand why people would want to own something so painful.

I've come to the conclusion that I don't know much about art.

Day 4 Consensus

Today I noticed that good holidays require early planning.

Spoke to my family about the possiblilty of a holiday. At the moment I'm lucky that my young adult children are still willing to go away with dear old Mum and Dad - who must continue to be sufficiently entertaining for them.

I'm not talking about a holiday in the near future, I'm talking one in the distance, as I've become aware that if you want to book good accomodation, you have to book very early.

All but one of us can usually tell within a week what days we are free. The last one always ,drags the chain, not committing himself until the last minute, then when we want to book accomodation and/or flights, we have to pay a premium for something that we didn't really want.

Knowing his propensity for putting off things, we all had a stern talking to my husband, in the hope that this time he will give us the go-ahead in time. We will not hold our breaths.

Day 3 Community

Today I noticed how little I know my own suburb. Last week my doctor asked me to go on at least one big walk before I saw her next. So in my newfound sense of commitment, I did.

Many apartment blocks have sprung up recently near where I live - something about the State Government requiring areas that have good public transport to be more densely populated.

Walking through their common streets it feels lonely for some reason. Could it be all the concrete, the long shadows that the blocks cast on each other? The occasional person hurries in or out, not stopping for a smile, or even a look of acknowledgement. It would be easy to be anonymous here.

At the end of the last block is a new park built by the local council. It is beautiful, with a children's playground and outdoor gym equipment, bathed in sunlight. Young children playing and adults chatting. The weekend is here, time to relax!

In a corner is a fenced off area, it is a community garden for people of various religious faiths in our suburb. Each religious group is given a small raised garden bed in which to grow food. Looking at the garden I could not but wonder whether the assignment of plots caused any problem. Did one group say, the other religions have more space than we do! Or, hey they are planting a tree, it will mean that our plot will get less sun! Or how come we are at the back, or down the hill?

Or it could be harmonious, it could be a community.

Day 2 Commitment

Today I noticed that it's easy to not commit when it's not important, like this project. Yesterday I really wanted to do the 10 days, I was excited by the challenge!

Today I'm thinking oh, what's it all for? What am I going to write about? No one is going to rap me on the knuckles if I don't do it. Except me of course. As I thought those words I was already rapping - guilt rapping.

You quitter! Not even Day 2 and you're already giving up! Come on! Where's your backbone, you flabby loser!

This is not actually Day 2. It's Day 3, 1:30am to be exact, but I'm doing Day 2 writing. Yes, it took me that long to do the deed! I may be flabby but I'm not yet a loser, I mean, I'm not a loser! (cue Rocky music).

So that is what I have to say today. I believe that 10 minutes is up.


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