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Day 1

Here is my Day 1 drawing. I had a speed ball nib and purple ink at hand, plus an image of the moon just before the start of the eclipse.

I am a graphic designer currently going back to school to get the degree I did not have while working the first 27 years. Hopefully I can locate some remote work to establish a new career working from my home. I draw, sew and do many other craft related hobbies. I have 4 children (two on their own, one in college and last one in high school).

-- Laura Jenkins Reffett

Day 2


Brown ink and different, finer pen nib. Saw this window in a TV show I was watching online, so I paused and sketched it.

Day 3


Found this neat image on Deviant Art and used it for inspiration. Also found an online timer and set it for 5 minutes. This is what I put together in that time.

Will be looking forward to listening to Day 4 after I catch up on homework. I am building an infographic about unusual facts related to apple pie. I should have built it last week, but just didn't grasp I needed it.


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