Day 1 of Assignment

Day 1 of Assignment - student project

1. Good overall health.  I became very ill in 2013-2014. It ravaged my body and mind.  Since I am now healthy, I am truly grateful. There is a signicant difference when I feel gratitude for my health now, opposed to before my illness.

2. Having a home & neighborhood I love to come to.  When I first saw my place it was clearly what I call a happy house.  Whenever I would have to move and look for places, the first thing I unintionally focused on was the feeling/intuition of the house. Saw some beautiful places, but they felt so sad.  Please note that I am not psychic, but do believe in getting in touch with intuition.  There are too many people who come home and do not feel safe.

3. Going to a job I love and having a wonderful boss & mentor.   I am very greatful for the education opportunities I have had to assist with career goals and passing a major exam this year.

i am keeping this at these three for day 1 of the assignment.  The above are major things that I can put on a gratitude list daily.