Day 1: Sketchbook Magic

Day 1: Sketchbook Magic - image 1 - student projectI'm a high anxiety person, I'm also otherwise neuro-divergent and being creative helps me ground and center myself when my anxiety is raging out of control, or my depression kicks up, or I can't focus and can't sit still. I have a lot of creative hobbies, including poetry when I was younger, but more recently I am painting a lot. I'm also taking a ceramics class starting this Sunday for nine weeks, and I've recently developed an interest in making chain mail jewelry. I have a tendency to not take time for myself and so I'm hoping that this class will help me get in the habit of at least doing something creative every day. That cat up there is my girl Kaylee breaking out of a box and protesting her innocence.

Day 2:

Day 1: Sketchbook Magic - image 2 - student projectWell it's only day 2 and I've already kind of made a mess of things. I'm doing this class at work during my downtime and so at the moment I don't have a magic bowl - instead I used an online generator for art prompts. I also happen to have Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" stuck in my head for reasons beyond my comprehension so I put that down and thought about something that's irreplaceable to me. I went with my cats, Kaylee and Molly, because they are my babies. I drew some of their favorite toys as well - the orange thing that looks like an upside down wifi symbol is actually a ball tower, with three plastic tracks of decreasing size with balls in them. Kaylee loves it and will play with it for hours. They also both like catnip, and their red ball that lights up when struck. I've never tried them on yarn, but Kaylee especially loves stuffed mice and other things, she'll pick them up and toss them for herself. it's really cute. Lastly I drew their cat tower. I know what it's supposed to be, anyway.

Day 3

Day 1: Sketchbook Magic - image 3 - student project

Having a song stuck in my head seems to be par for the course for me today. This time (as it's been since early this morning) it's Ninja Sex Party's "6969". My fiance's the NSP fan, not me. I don't know what to tell you guys. I really like my 3D letter, really hate my sai, and my handwriting is not improved with a marker and effort, apparently. Not sure why my rock has such serious strata or why it's at that angle. The lyric in question is "Let's rock the fuck out." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Day 4

Day 1: Sketchbook Magic - image 4 - student project

Since I'm doing this class at work, I have some constraints as far as time, where I can go to do art, etc. I have several different kinds of art supplies in my desk and an environment that allows me to just dash off a painting in my downtime. I started this painting before the new year and put the finishing touches on it this week (and wrote the wrong year on it, go me). Several of the original "place" ideas I came up with aren't feasible at the moment (in the car, at a friend's house in another state) but at some point they will be and I'll get to actually make things there as well. I'm enjoying this class even if not all of the particulars fit into my process!

Day 5

Day 1: Sketchbook Magic - image 5 - student project

Ok so, I know it isn't a drawing or a painting and it can't be put in a sketchbook, but I made that up there. I've recently started making bracelets with chain links and I'm pretty excited to get more complex as I keep learning this skill. A big part of my mental health issues is not being able to focus or stay interested in one thing for too long. I have to mix it up or I just won't be creative. This Sunday, January 6, I am starting a pottery class that will continue for nine weeks - I'm also attending *another* pottery class single session with my fiance for him to give it a try as well. Next week my new chain mail supplies should arrive, and I've already contacted a friend of mine to get together and make jewelry. It's going to be a lot of fun. This was an interesting first class, and it's reminded me to carry my sketchbook with me wherever I go. My number was 10. 


Day 1: Sketchbook Magic - image 6 - student project


Day 1: Sketchbook Magic - image 7 - student project