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Dawn Patrol, Spot Check

East Coast surf (specifically Maryland surf) lacks consistency. So when the forecast looks good, you jump at the opprotunity. We camped just over the dune, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean. I had full intentions of shooting the stars, shots around the camp fire, etc. but rather kept the camera in the bag all night and just enjoyed the company around me. When morning rolled around, we brewed some coffee and then scrambled over the dune to see what the swell had brought us. This anticipation is like no other, a kid on Christmas morning type. I was especially excited as I just bought an Outex water housing and was excited to get in the water with my DLSR. This is something I had never tried before so I couldn't wait. Between that and not having surfed in over 6 months, I was pumped. The morning light just emhasized these emotions.

The highlight of the day was going to be the surf, no doubt. I managed to snag some decent shots for the first time shooting in the water. But the morning light, just summed up the whole day...a perfect in between moment. Between the great company camping, and full day of excitement. So much more went on that day, but I just feel the morning images captured the feeling of that day the best.


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