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Davis Family Crest

This is my first skillshare that im excited to work on and finish it. I have been seeing Aaron' stuff on instagram and on some design websites for a while and I wondered what his process was. So after watching the videos for the class, its really interesting to see how he reduces things down to simple lines and shapes and he makes it look easy. 


The Davis last name is on my (DAD's) side of the family. The research in finding out about the Davis Family name was kind of scarse. I mostly thought of items or memories from when I spent time with my Dad's side of the family and my own family. I really need to call and get a better back story on how the Davis name started. I do that Im part Irish and part German. 


Here is some of the Davis crests I found on the internet they all kind of have similar leaf designs.


For the symbols I wanted to put in the Davis Family crest were things that I remember from the Davis family. One of the first things I remember was the house at my Dad's parents lived, they lived in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and my Grandfather was a WW2 pilot who flew the old B52 bomber planes. When my family would come visit him and my grandmother there was back room that had a bunch of model airplanes hanging from the celing. My Grandfather like to build WW2 model airplanes so I thought I would add a plane Icon to honor my grandfather because he was a great man and a true hero in my life. 

Some of the other symbols I thought about were related to my family and my Dad's parents. One of the things me and my brother and sister did with grandparents was go to the library when we visited them to check out books to read. So I incorporated a book Icon for that memory of my grandmother. The baseball symbol on the crest was for the Davis Family they are huge baseball fans My Dad would take me and my brother to Texas Ranger games all the time when we were younger. I believe my grandfather also played ball when he was in the service. The final symbol is of a pie to symbolize my mothers cooking, my mother can bake the best pies in the world. She makes this awesome apple crum pie it is so delicious. Also the laurel leaves are Blue Bonnets to represent Fort Worth, Texas where I currently live.


As for the crest sketches in the beginning I was gonna go with one of the standard crest shapes the ones with the shield look, like the one below. but I thought it would cooler to pick a more modern style shape to make it stand out more. 


The following images are the process from beginning to the current version I have now. 

These four shapes were my favorites for the crest design. I decided on the one circled in red.

Here are some of early crest layouts I came up with.

Here is the current version Im working on I still haven't come up with any colors so I left it black & white. 

Let me know what think? Also let me know if need to make any changes to the design Thanks!


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