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Davis BBQ

There's a nice BBQ joint in my town called Davis BBQ. Good food, good people. They actually started as table builders and throughout time, shifted into the BBQ game. After a while, the BBQ took over (as it always does).

As far as logos (or logotype) goes, they don't really have anything. Unless you count the sign out front that is litterally just "DAVIS BAR-B-QUE" typed out:


I decided I'd like to see if I could spice it up a bit and give them an identity. A logo/logotype that would set them apart and maybe give them a little more reach than just this small town. 

So, I started with some research on BBQ restaurants and their logos. What are they doing? Is there a pattern? 


I noticed some common themes: Plain (no frills, just the name), rustic (textures, western-ish fonts and such), and quirky (either looks like a kid wrote it or has some kind of goofy pig).

So I got down to sketching. I didn't want it to look too quirky or too western. I, for the most part, kept around normal scripts, serifs, and sans-serifs. But I also wanted to try and liven it up a bit and do something that set it apart a little bit.


I started being drawn (no pun intended) to this one:


Then, I began to try and develop it a little bit:



It still has a lot of areas to work out and fine-tune. But I guess that's what getting it in the computer is for. Also, for fun, I started playing around with some layout and logomark ideas:


That's it so far. I'd love to hear all your critiques. Let me have it. 


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