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David's daily routine

Final Result (Step 4)

Updated 2013-06-17

I am finished. Used the time today to make the icons a bit smoother and compile them in one image. I hope you like them. You can still see my process below.

And here I played a bit with Photshop and tried to get a letterpress effect.

I found out that when you remove dots on the final merged icon and it messes up the image, try to undo, click merge again for the icon and then try to remove the dot again. That worked for in many cases.

Step 1: Write down 20 items of your daily routine

Started 2013-06-03

This is what I could come up with.

Step 2: Sketch the icons

Update 2013-06-04

So I decided to skip the microwave part and include cooking in the evening. This is something I don't do ever day but still very often.

So the icons are all in outline style. A good example for the iconic style are the plates and the tablet. The other stuff is probably narrative. But I am not sure. Maybe the shower is also iconic?

My "eggs on a plate" icon somehow looks like a stupid face. :D Icon number 6 might not be intuitive for everyone but our universit building called "Kuggen" (swedish for cogwheel) has this characteristic look. (here is a picture) I chose the reddit icon for my PC spot but I don't have a clear concept on what I do on the PC in the evening. Maybe I'll change that. I am also not sure if I am satisfied with the bus crop view from the side.

In the end my icons ended up quite formal. Maybe I should have tried to integrate more emotions like Edward's "hungover in bed" icon.

Step 3: Build your icons

Update 2013-06-05

So today I built my first icon which took me a while. I had my Illustrator set to pixels instead of points. I kept the grid at 48 subdivisions for a gridline every 96 pixels. So I thought that the stroke thicknes should be at 4px to match the video. It felt like the strokes are very thick an I need to manage the space very well to fit everything in there despite the simplicity of the icon. Have I done anything wrong or is it just like that. I could imagine that this will be a problem when drawing the stick figures. We'll see. Here is the icon. I rebuild the Pocket icon by myself and am unreasonably proud of it. :D

I found also this 6min video helpful which shows how to add rounde corners to rectangles. The rounded corners tool seems to be surprisingly useless for that.

Youtube - The round corners effect in Illustrator

Update 2013-06-06

So I worked on the hands of my tablet icon today. It's a bit better but not really perfect. I guess I am satisfied and will move on for now.

Additionaly I built two more icons today. For the breakfast icons I decided to go to half stroke thicknes for the fork and knife. Otherwise I would have needed to increase the cutlery size quite a bit. The cooking icon turned out quite good. The chef's hat was really difficult. I am still very slow at doing this but I am getting the hang of it and start using more shortcuts.

Updated 2013-06-07

I made three more icons. The shower icon was much harder that I thought. I am not really that satisfied how it looks right now. However I am quite pleased with how the "Gling to university" icon came off. I think Kuggen can be recognized and I am looking forward to see what my co-students will say about it.

Thank you all for the many likes and comments. It's nice to know that people watch and appreciate my stuff. But if you have suggestions what to improve let me know. My teachers said negative feedback is the most valuable because you can learn from it. :)

Updated 2013-06-11

So after a break of four days I could finally work on old and new icons and I have new stuff to show. Thanks to Edward's advice I changed the last three icons a bit.

And here are three more icons I made today. The "skype with girlfriend" icon changed quite a bit from the sketch. I tried some stuff with the hair and in the end got inspired by this icon on the noun project.

Updated 2013-06-14

Today I made the group icons. It was quite hard to fit this all into the area. Maybe it's looks a little squeezed now.

Updated 2013-06-16

So I hope this will the last WIP update before I finalise the project tomorrow. I changed my fork style inspired by Ellie Peters' icons. It looks cleaner like that.

I changed the bus icon because the sign doesn't work as good as I thought when I sketched it. In Germany there is a big "H" on the sign and everybody knows what it is but this doesn't work for international users. So here is a bus stop instead.


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