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Daubers to Go

Bingo is big business....Especially here in Vegas. It's not a bunch of Grandmas sitting around drinking tea but instead nearly half the bingo players are men, and the average age is closer to 45 than 75 with a good representation of those in their 20s and 30s.

Yesterday's bingo was played with chips (or pennies) played on a static board made of cardboard...and carrying around those chips was really annoying. As with the rest of the world, bingo's advanced to the modern age. Although many of today's bingo players use an electronic handheld device, most choose to also play bingo with paper boards and special markers called daubers. All bingo halls, from professional casinos to local VFW or churches, require paper boards to be marked with a dauber.

However daubers are awkward to carry. Many women (like myself) choose to a minimalist purse and most men just carry their wallets...that means you need to carry the bingo dauber in your hand or attempt to keep it in your pocket. Attempt? Yes. It's a little too large for most pockets, so as soon as you sit down, it falls out.

What if...there was a way to carry your bingo dauber on your belt loop or click it onto the arm of your purse strap. What if....this carrier was flexible enough to easily affix to both the large, small and fun-shaped daubers...and...what if...the dauber holder was small enough that you could leave it affixed while playing a session....and what if the dauber holder could be produced for about $0.25 and sold for $1.00. What if...I have the design in mind.


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