Date Night (Update)

Date Night (Update) - student project

Check out my own Skillshare class: The Art of Self Expression

I loved the class. I use a similar technique and had a tracing in my sketchbook forever, so I decided to use it for this class. I like to trace the outline of the image and draw shapes over that. The class definitely had me using the pencil tool more than usual. 

I enjoyed the process and learned a few new things!

Here is the link to the short video of the different phases:


UPDATE: I added the noise texture, love it.Date Night (Update) - image 1 - student project


I also had a new idea, I got the leopards on Creative Market and had to do something with them, here it is. Date Night (Update) - image 2 - student project
Date Night (Update) - image 3 - student projectDate Night (Update) - image 4 - student projectDate Night (Update) - image 5 - student project