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Matthew Geiger

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Das Geigers – The Violinists

I stumbled upon this project that other day and was stoked to get to work. I immediately thought back to a family history project that I had to do in grade school. While doing some research for that project, I learned that my German last name, Geiger, meant fiddler/violinist. I always found that discovery fascinating...it even lead to an ill-fated music career playing...you guessed it...the violin.

Proof...not from grade school but earlier today.

I knew that I wanted the violin to be the focal point of the crest. The trick of designing the crest was to simplify the violin down but still retain it's important features.

Actual Violin  |  My Illustrated Violin

You can't properly play the violin without your bow, so that went in next. One bow looked strange but two just looked BA.

Next I added the Banners and the Laurels.

Type and Grayscale Colorway

And finally some actual color.

Das Geigers...The Violinists...Shreddin' Since the 1500s.

Thanks for checkin' out my crest and for the inspiration that all of the other uploaded crests were. Great work everyone...it was cool to look through them and learn from everyone's different thought processes.



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