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Darren's Creature Design

I design a lot of creatures, but I never really put much thought into them, I let my hand dance around and go with whatever I've ended up with. I'm hoping that here I can learn to evolve my creatures Into ones that I'm completely happy with. Whilst making my creatures more belivable by expand my creativity. I'm still an amateur at drawing, but with practise I will improve.

The Concepts

Here I was just creating some random patterns with the brush tool, then imagined what something that shape could look like. I have the basis for some really ineresting looking creatures using these silouhettes, but I think I will take the fish-like creature in the bottom left to develop further. I have no experiance drawing fish, so this should be fun. :)

Taking the bottom left design, I thought about several different ways it could look. I felt it had a pretty fast predator, with bone protrusions, thorns, or something like coral covering it. I also liked the idea of it having a crest of horns. Through my experimentation I looked at things like dorsel fins on the belly, additional fins, and luminous dots.

I think I'm going to go with the design near the bottom right of the second page, I may end up redesigning it again, but I'm going to develop that one further. I loved the ridges along the back of some of the previous sketches, with this one I made them much more angled to create a more dangerous, aggressive looking creature. I also added a belly fin, but a bit further down the body with this one. I'm thinking about luminous spots, but they will need to be more harmonious. 


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