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Darling, You're Gorgeous: Fashion Illustrations

In pulling inspiration for this class, I quickly realized that few things grab my attention quite like a floral print and a full skirt. While I am excited to recreate these styles that I would love to wear in my real life, I also made sure to take note of what looks gave me pause that do not subscribe to my personal style- adding these to my mood board will hopefully give me the boost I need to take risks in my illustrations.

Sketches ::

These are my first sketches that I was pretty happy with at first.... then I went to sleep and decided I could put a bit more effort into them. They're all extremely loose and gestural, which was a great exercise to wake up my hand that hasn't illustrated in some time. I wanted my sketches to be a little more detailed, though, so I hit the drawing board again. The pose I chose from my inspiration is of course the one that is giving me the most trouble- it's really giving me the most trouble in the shoulders. I sketched a couple of my other inspiration shots as a sort of break (and a confidence boost that some poses are easier than others!) so I've included those here as well. I can't wait to get painting!!


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