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Darkness of light

Hi All

Am Brian Siambi from Nairobi, Kenya. urbanskript

Here are my 9 photos that show my style that have been curating past few months.

Of late I have been fascinated with how natural light and shadows interact with each other and these two compliment each other by giving different outcomes and for me one without the other is just chaos and overwhelming.

This shot is of a building's reflection of  the sun rays 500m away that hit this wall and my awesome friend was kind enough to pose for it. It's like a spotlight on him.

The weekend with the Mrs was somthing. We had gone for an event and when we were heading back spotted this really nice background which had a tree infront of it and the sun's light was passing through the leave and being a poser like she is she posed. The contrast of her outfit and the background really worked.

Trees for make for the perfect shadow play

By now I think its clear am obsessed with light. Was trying to capture the sunlight rays outside the mosque when this guy passed infront of my shot and he added that extra detail.

Catching the sunrise is pretty awesome but when you have a friend on the ledge in one of the tallest buildings then the outcome is quite something.

Light, shadows and space.

I call this God's light because the sun hit this building at that particulat point making for some interesting shots.


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