Dark was the Night

Greetings from Chicago, 

Last night was exceptionally foggy and warm, two things that may not happen again for quite awhile in Chicago....so I went out late armed with a pack of smokes and my iphone 4s, all my night shots are going to be with my iphone as my Mark II has permanently taken a shit (different story for a different time) after a couple of run-ins with CPD and park security this is what I got.

I have a hard time editing iphone night shots without losing the clean feel of the photo, would love to hear how some of you are approaching it, criticism and comments in general are welcome. Thanks for looking.  

Smoke - Slowshutter - Light Trails - 15 Seconds - No Edit

A different take on this shot with a good dose of editing done to it in Snapseed, lower the saturation, raise the contrast and lower the ambiance was how I went about it. 

And one more from this scene with the lights coming at me creating a blend of sorts in the middle of the picture. I think I may prefer this over the first two. 

The idea for the smoke shot above, came from my latest trip to NYC when I shot the skyline and captured the steam coming off the buildings. 

I worked this puddle hard last night, no edit on this shot. 

Here's an unedited shot and then an edited take on it right below. 

Edited in Snapseed & Vscocam and a little too blue/green for me, but I want to show a process and not just the best shots that come out. Often I learn more from taking a photo or editing a photo the "wrong" way than I do from taking it the "right" way.

In regards to the Light Trails option on the Slow Shutter cam, the senitivity and where you click on the screen for your exposure, play a big part in my opinion on how the photo will come out. Here's a couple in a row using different sensitivity levels and exposure settings with the Brooklyn Bridge from last week. 

This shot did not come out well to me, the light is too harsh and was set on 1, so I proceeded to adjust. 

This shot is a little cleaner for me, I lost the opposite side traffic to the right but the traffic on the left looks more like traffic and less like a white line. 

And this was my favorite one of the bunch.

And here's a shot from a couple nights ago of the Chicago River. 

I had some free time today to post up so I wanted to get what I could out there, as I'm going to be busy the next couple of days, but I look forward to seeing some more shots posted from others soon!


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