Dark Room With Banzai


(test grouping directory contains links to the project files as well as Windows and  Mac builds)

I used plains to creat the walls, floor and ceiling and applied old looking brick textures to the walls with some weathered looking cement for the ceiling and floor.  I found an old looking metal table, a door, some trees and an old wooden box through the asset store.  I shrank a Japanese maple from the asset store and scaled a barrel to use as a planter pot to create a banzai, finishing it off by duplicating a rock and scaling it several times to cover the wooden top of the barrel.

Finally,  I played around with the lighting by adding a low intensity directional light colored blue to cool off the environment and a low intensity point light bringing a bit of attention to part of the banzai.  I tried to figure out a bit about baking a light map, but I'm going to have to work a lot more to understand them.


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