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Really excited about robot vacuums



Dark + Moody Chocolate Photography

Guys I'm so stoked for this class! I've been obsessing over those beautiful, dark and moody photos all over my insta feed and pinterest lately so I dived headfirst and made a class all about how to do it!
04e31f7c This class is excellent for beginners as I cover white balance, metering, etc and I also put in 2 sections on using your phone to shoot! No DSLRs needed here. The setup is with window light in your kitchen using props you can find around your house. I hope to see you there!


Hi again! My 9th class on Surreal Ghost Portraits went live a week before Halloween. I wanted to get it out sooner but this month (family picture season) has been absolute mayhem.
3090fa81So far in my first week I've gotten 20 students and I think my momentum from my 3 consistent classes in a row has helped with that. (I also think my ghost class reaches more people than my newborn class which hasn't had as much success right off the bat despite being featured for awhile on the photography sub page.)
1bccd939Anyway, its a really fun class and because we're renovating our home (read: it's a disaster) I had to mix up my filming spots and I think it helped break up the monotony. I'm super passionate about this class and its really easy if you've got photoshop and a tripod! I'd love it if you checked it out :)
Thanks so much for the continued support!


Guys I'm so stoked about my new class on Lifestyle Newborn photography! This is my 8th class and after a summer of watching my numbers gradually sink I'm finally starting to see some real momentum! This month (September) has been my most successful month on the platform and I'm elated to have finally broken that 10,000 minutes watched/month milestone! My lightbox class from the very beginning was featured in an email blast and it did incredible things for my channel.
If you've taken the time to sit through any of my classes, THANK YOU! Seriously! This has been so rewarding for me <3

Anyway, newborn pics -->
84aa5fad46dc839ffecb97f6Thanks again for your support!! 


My 7th class is about utilizing objects and surfaces in your home and creating effective, beautiful art portraits. The class project is to photograph delicious close-ups of fruit!

6494d157This class is great for photographers, instagrammers, food bloggers, or anyone wanting to warm up their camera skills.

This class is one of my longest so far. I typically try to go for short easily-digestible classes but thought I'd give a longer more in-depth class a try. Instead of running through 1 or 2 setups, I show 4! I decided to show my entire process as I go through a shoot as well as a thorough edit sequence. 

If this project interests you, I'd love to see you in class!



My 6th class is about creating lens flares and using copper pipes to make the "Ring of Fire"
I'm really excited for this class, I've been obsessed with these techniques as I've seen them roll through my fb feed. I'm running a giveaway for a $20 Amazon gift card to be randomly awarded to one lucky person who posts a Lens Flare photo in the project section of this class before July! I'm hoping this giveaway will help students get excited to take pictures and share with everyone.
Here's my class if you wanna take a look! :



I'm so excited! I reached my personal goal of publishing 5 Skillshare classes! This photography class is a great sister-course to my Shutter Speed class I published a couple months ago. 

This class dives into the nitty gritty of Aperture. I go through Depth of Field, Bokeh, f/stops, and lenses!

If you wanna hone your Manual Mode photography skills, take a look!




Thanks so much for the continued support!
View my class here:


You guys! Guess what?

My FOURTH class!

I'm so excited to teach this class about making double exposures in camera! No photoshop necessary!
Check it out!



This class shows several different methods for making double exposures and gives tons of ideas and inspiration to get started! I'd love if you took a look :)

I sent out emails to my ridiculously incredible student following and I'll post to my friends on facebook in the morning. I have a really good feeling about this class!

Thanks so much for the support! You guys are rad!


My THIRD class!

ETA: It has been 1 month and I have 208 students and 3,458 minutes watched. Yay!

ETA: It has been 1 week and I have 43 students and 632 minutes watched. Thank you guys so much for the support!!

I'm so excited to be able to establish myself as a photography instructor on Skillshare!
My newest class is all about Shutter Speed and manual mode and I teach you how to photograph rad LIGHTNING and STAR photos! I've included all my settings to help you get great results! I'd love if you checked it out. This community is so amazing <3






ETA: It has been 2 months and I have 884 awesome students and 12,120 minutes watched! I have received so much positive feedback from this class! My students are seriously the raddest folks ever!

ETA: It has been 1 month since I published my Lightbox class and it has been so exhilarating watching my following grow and interacting with my students! I have received 2 features and I was included in an email to all Skillshare students! I'm so grateful for the amazing support I've received! THANK YOU to everyone who has watched my class! It has been one month and I have 637 students and over 8k minutes watched!! <3




ETA: It has been 8 months and I have 79 students and 946 minutes watched!

ETA: It has been about 7 months and I have 72 students so far. Thanks for the support!!!

ETA: My class is live! I'm so excited :)

ETA: Here's a link to my intro sample video! Watch on Youtube

ETA: Here's the link to my class outline!


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