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Dark Dog Bookworks

And as applied to my handbound journals:

Well, I think this is it for my ex libris book plate.

What my finished journals look like.

My mood board for compositional inspiration.  I'm in deep now.

Another lunchtime sketch. Thinking Art Nouveauish Ex Libris. I'll probably drop the rabbit and use more Art Nouveau flourishing.  This may be my direction......for now.

Dark Dog Bookworks is a little label I would like to use in my handmade coptic stich blank journals.

My initial thought is a handcarved stamp to use on the inside back cover.  But if I get too detailed (which I'm prone to do), I may just print lables for a book plate.

Dark Dog:

  • My studio mate JoJo the black Scottish Terrier
  • Like the two "D"s
  • I call my creative venture "White Wolf Studio" and "Dark Dog" sounded like a good subset.
  • I love sillouettes, so a black dog would work with that


  • Sounds cool
  • I love vintage, old, antique, victorian, art nouveau, art deco
  • Handmade

Adjectives: vintage, handmade, hand drawn, comfortable, accessible, cozy

Doodles at my day job to get me started.

Ok, using Chrome instead of Explorer, seems to work.

Having a tough time uploading photos.......???


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