Dark Chocolate Bars

Dark Chocolate Bars - student project


Color Palette

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Logos 1

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Logo 2

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Concept 1

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Concept 2:

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My Product:
Set of four chocolate bars: Organic Roasted Almonds, Organic Roasted Coconut, Colombian Cocoa Beans, Colombian Coffee Beans

Company name:
Just Cocoa Artisan Chocolates

Elements to create:
1. Labels for each bar flavor.

2. Wholesale Case: each case will carry 10 bars and should look attractive among many other brands. My target is health foods stores and small local upscale retailers.

3. Gift Box:  4 bars, one of each flavor. 

Product Story:

My chocolate is totally homemade. I made my chocolates at a local restaurant kitchen and sale it at the restaurant. I will like to start selling to local health food stores and online. 

I pride myself for using the best quality ingredients in the purest form. I don't use any preservatives or artificial ingredientes. I use cocoa beans from Colombia which is my home country. Cocoa from that region has the best aroma and flovor and is harvest without pestisides and free of child slavery. My chocolate bars don't have any soy, or white sugar. The chocolate isn't organic because comes from small farmers that cant affored an organic certification but don't use pestisides. All other ingredients are organic so I'm a littel confuse on how to present this. I use coconut palm sugar and maple syrup instead of refind sugars. 

I want to create a brand that communicates simplicity, purity, friendship, trust, health, tradition, artisanal, homemade, high quality, high cocoa content, healthy, nutrition, honesty, deep rich chocolate flavor.

I have a trasparent biodegradable cello bag to pack the bars. I don't have a case for them though.

The size of my bars are 2.5 x 6. My budget is very limited so I have to use a preexisting label that is 2x8.5.

My actual product:

I was thingking on have the label wrap around the bar since the label is 2x8.5 and the bar is 2.5x6. The label needs to have the ingredients, nutritional panel and company info.

Dark Chocolate Bars - image 8 - student project

My actual logo which I will like to change to a more simpler lookDark Chocolate Bars - image 9 - student project

The new logo I have been working on

Dark Chocolate Bars - image 10 - student project