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Darjeeling aka creating a vertical map...

  1. Why am I making this map? For fun/work/nostalgia. I've worked with municipal governments that couldn't connect people to new locations so I'd like to develop this skill and pair it with infographics. This first map is practice and I loved my trip to Darjeeling so I thought it would be fun to document. 

  2. Why am I the expert to create this map? I'm not an "expert" but I spent a bit of time in this city where most visitors only spend a couple days. 

  3. Who is my target audience? My close friend Amber who was my co-traveler for this trip. And future foodies/nature lovers that would be visiting the city/village of Darjeeling. 

  4. What level of detail do I need to include? Names (restaurants, streets, tea plantations, plazas), altitudes (peaks and vistas), and personally significant locations (walks, resting points, etc.). 

  5. Do I want my final project to be printed or digital? 
    How is it going to be used/ held? What other 
    constraints do I need to keep in mind moving 
    forward? I would like it to be in a digital format that can be e-mailed, but I will also create a PDF version for printing purposes. Not sure about size just yet. 

  6. “Dear classmates, I need your help/expertise/ 
    guidance on how to.....”  Any advice would be appreciated - particularly regarding making vertical/3D images proportional in a 2D surface. 

A few pictures/maps/etc. for me to keep in mind for my upcoming drafts:

This panorama is important because these peaks are almost oppressively present from Darjeeling. You see mountains for miles (assuming limited cloud coverage).

I love the since of vertical "sprawl" in both images. The ski resort map follows the contours of the mountain w/o being weighed down by topography. The photo (Cinque Terre Italy from here) give the actual perspective in the town - I want to catch that vibe.


Keep both of these in mind for the more visual aspect of the map. Amber loves mountains, and I'm really drawn to the signage throughout India. 

Here are my handdrawn maps/diagrams taken with iPhoto (sorry, about the mirror image). 

 This is for Pho' (a Vietnamese restaurant here in Austin)

 And this one is for HIdeout Cafe. They were both drawn on the napkins from each restaurant which would be a little interesting if the restaurants had printed logos on their serving items...but I was just lazy and didn't want to grab my sketchpad. 

Will try to upload my imaginary city soon - 


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