Patty Golsteijn




Daretoask Festival

When is the event?
12 February 2013 from 11:00AM until 9:00PM

Who are the decision makers?
Me and someone from the Daretoask team (not clear yet who this will be).

What is your budget?
Zero. This is entirely in the Daretoask mindset (we have social surplus, all the things are just in the wrong places).

What do you want it to look like?
An awesome festival of about 1,000 people that's chaotically organized. A big space with things happening all over the place. Partly unconference. Possibly have people bring food and drinks themselves to share with each other. The program will entail all kinds of workshops, classes, presentations, meetups and what not from people and organizations with the same mindset. The event will be entirely about connecting people.

What are things that can not move?
Can't think of anything really. It's all still open.

What will make it yours?
It will be organized as simply as possible: we have a community of over 4,000 people, so there's no reason to do everything myself. We'll have a small team of people who will all be responsible for a small part of the program. I'll be coordinating the whole thing. 


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