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Dare Yourself hand lettered

Experimenting with type, decided im going with a vintage bottle.  It's an Elixir to give you courage and make you braver, It's called Dare Yourself.  You would typically buy it if you wanted to conquer a mountain or explore the world with ultimate bravery!  I like this theme and I love working with this old style type.  I really like the Art Nuveau/Deco borders, cant remember which one it is, but it's nice.  Coming along nicely, what do you think guys?

Hey everyone I'm Theo this is my first course on Skillshare and loving it so far!  

   I've chosen my quote/phrase "Dare Yourself".  It has strong meaning to me, to push yourself, do things out of your comfort zone, travel, explore have fun and meet new people and cultures along the way.  I'm now researching for reference material and insperation!

I've been getting reference photos and done some ideation drawing/sketching, I didn't know what direction I was going in at first as I've not done this before like this, I figured Dare Yourself is powerful, courageous, freedom, so I'm going with this.  Photo is of my ideas and my hand lettering warm up.  Feedback would be great thanks everyone!


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