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Darcy's Project

I've started an illustration love board on Pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/meldyd/illustration-love/

Here are my sketches. I am getting used to making deliberate final marks instead of sketchy marks that I clean up in later in illustrator. I believe that I am going to go with the middle image for the final.

Outlines added in Illustrator...

Random color fills in Illustrator before exporting to a layered .psd file...

Here is the final image. I'm not sure how I feel about it right now, other than "Yay!" and "That was soooo fun!", but I know I need lots of practice. Any and all feedback, advice, thoughts, etc... are welcome!

Here is the new version with the updates! I fixed her left hand and moved her hat in front of the hair strands and cast a shadow beneath it.

I'm happy with the way she came out, but now I need to duplicate the effort so I am going to tackle the other sketches for consistency. :D

Here is the second attempt. Any feedback is really appreciated. I may have gone overboard with the texture. Going through the process a second time was great and helped me to get more familiar with some of the brushes.


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