Dan's Web Comic

Dan's Web Comic - student project

Hi there!  I've always wanted to make my own comics ever since I was really young.  Most of my growing up years, I was just too lazy to draw for long, and unfortunately, I never stuck at it long enough to hone my skills.  I'm hoping to remedy that now.

To sum myself up in two words, I'm tall and introverted.  As I tried to create a character for myself, I found it really hard to get the look right - maybe if I were shorter, I could use cute round shapes.  However, I decided to emphasise my height by making my character really long and thin.  I made my character with small eyes as I am not hugely expressive, and gave my character big eyebrows to help create the sense of emotion that is otherwise harder to capture with small eyes.

I have included below my initial sketches and my final character sheet.  This is enough to work with for now, anyway.  At the moment, I'm just sketching and inking by hand, but I hope to start working with a tablet soon.

As a bonus, I also included below a comic I had done recently, but before this project.  I have also now uploaded my first web comic page with my new character design.  The art is not as smooth as I hope, so I will continue to work on that.  I'm sure the idea is relatable though.


Dan's Web Comic - image 1 - student project

Dan's Web Comic - image 2 - student project

Dan's Web Comic - image 3 - student project


And here is a web comic with my character from the sketches above:

Dan's Web Comic - image 4 - student project