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Dan's Night Photography

Updated my project with a few shots I took from Bernal Hill in San Francisco. My first time up here, but a lot of the views reminded me of other vistas in SF.

50mm  f/16  30" ISO 100

50mm  f/9  30" ISO 100

50mm  f/2.5  20" ISO 100 - I liked how the plane in the sky created that line that almost looks likes it's coming from the street lamp.

50mm  f/11  25" ISO 100


50mm  f/11  30" ISO 100

50mm  f/11  30" ISO 100

I've been driving on the same freeway to get to work for the past 7+ years. I drive under this pedestrian footbridge and have always admired the architecture of it. After work the other day I did a reconnaissance mission to see what it looks like when walking across it. I thought it would make the perfect subject for something at night (or even sunset, which is my next assignment).

These two images were shot using the Canon 5D MKII. I used my 50mm 1.4 lens for both shots and did a little work in Lightroom. I am going to post a few other shots I did with my iPhone in my IG feed (@dtcohen).

This was my first time really using the tripod with slow shutter. At times, 30 seconds felt like an eternity. Luckily I had my phone to pass the time while I waited.


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