Dano's - Boiled Peanuts

Dano's - Boiled Peanuts - student project

In the South, a summer's day isn't done right until you dig your hand into a bag of delicious, fresh boiled peanuts.

And my Dad is famous for his.

For years he's perfected his craft, taking pride in his recipe. I figured this project would be a great way to finally brand his efforts, and just give a general 'thanks' to pops.

I'm looking to not only design branding but to also create a sticker label to go on his plastic bags and mason jars. Perhaps I'll even get t-shirts screenprinted if all turns out well!

Lettering Inspiration:

Dano's - Boiled Peanuts - image 1 - student project

Label Inspitation:

Created another moodboard with packaging and hierarchy in mind. Really like the idea of marrying vintage bright colors with masculine/block lettering. Hoping to start sketching today!

Dano's - Boiled Peanuts - image 2 - student project