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Danny Brown - "Old"

Danny Brown is a hip-hop artist from Detroit, Michigan. He has an unconventional vocal delivery employing multiple flows and cadences. His style can vary from a low-pitched, gravely tone to a manic, high-pitched squawk. Danny's lyrics often deal with poverty, drug/alchohol abuse, and his own experiences in the motor city. These topics are often juxtaposed with a humorous narrative told ferociously over avant garde production choices.

House Shoes feat. Danny Brown - "Sweet"
Purist feat. Danny Brown - "Jealousy"
Danny Brown - "Grown Up"



Danny is slated to release "Old" this summer. I imagine it will be similar to "XXX", an album title which not only alludes to his sexual nature and habitual drug-use, but also to him turning 30.


Most of Danny Brown's catalog consists of features and collaborations.

Here's my initial mind map. Still unsure of what direction I want to take.



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