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Danko Jones

I did this design for the band Danko Jones, which they ended up not using in the end. Oh well. It was a fun process to make this design and was fitting for this assignment. I wanted to make a design inspired by old soda bottle caps, and after some sketching I came up with this idea, which I brought into Photoshop to get the levels right to make a good template out of it.

I then brought it into Illustrator to trace the letters and create all the shapes. I pretty soon ditched the flourishes 'cause they're just not a very flourish-y band. Instead I added the text above and below the handwritten bandname. I also changed the "Rock n Roll" circle into a record player instead, since "Rock n Roll" felt kind of "this is the first thing I can think of". The bandname is all based off my sketch with the pen tool, and I didn't want to go for a perfect hand written style, which is why the letters vary in width and shape a bit. Looking at Futura helped me out a bit though with some tricky parts, for reference (which is why I then used it for the rest of the text). 

Then I brought it back into Photoshop to get a cracked and faded vintage effect. I used the fabric texture that was provided in this class, and some brushes I already had. I've also used a displacement map to get the flow of the fabric into the design. 


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