Daniel Rico Portraits

Daniel Rico Portraits - student project

Daniel Rico Portraits - image 1 - student project


Hi, guys! This is my try at painting some portraits in Photoshop after watching Gabrielle Classes. Hope you like them! Any feedback really appreciated.


The first image is my entry for the Gabrielle challenge. My theme was SPRING but I also had a MEDIEVAL theme in my mind while painting it.



Lagertha Portrait: https://co.pinterest.com/pin/857724691520020730/

Gothic Girl Portrait: https://co.pinterest.com/pin/857724691519688272/

Redhair Taylor Swift Portrait: https://co.pinterest.com/pin/857724691519688171/


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These are other portraits I did.


Daniel Rico Portraits - image 2 - student project


Daniel Rico Portraits - image 3 - student project