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Danger's cozy little apartment - gallery wall

Danger is my 2-year old terrior pup, so I often refer to our place as Danger's apartment.  I started decorating my apartment about a year ago and it has become my number 1 hobby ever since.  I'll begin by sharing a photo from Emily Henderson's (my favorite interior designer) home.

8 principles of styling


1. NEEDS - credenza storage, seating area, lighting.

2. SHAPE - different shapes of objects to complement each other placed on the credenza.  The geometric shapes of the throw pillow and artwork above the bench also complement each other, letting the patterns flow throughout space. 

3. COLOR - my favorite thing to talk about!  the colors of that string art piece above credenza are amazing!  blue, white, and pastels make up the color palette in this living room.

4. PATTERN - geometric pattern on the blue throw pillows and comppliments the stripe pattern cushion on the bench, with the small pink floral pillow adding wamth and a pop of color. 

5. TEXTURE - the rug and the string art piece both bring texture to this space.

6. PLACEMENT - the wall featuring the string art piece is the focal point of the room.

7. BLING - that brass lamp of course!  And those legs of the credenza, and not to forget the awesome copper bar ware.

8. BOTANIICAL - the lovely plant sitting on top of the books.


5 key areas

1. Console Table and Gallery Wall

I'll start this section by showcasing BEFORE and AFTER photos of our console table and the gallery wall above it. 

So this is not the very very beginning, but relatively early on, when I first started looking into buying more furniture.  This picture was taken around February, as you can see, the flower from Valentine's day were still sitting on the console table.  Right around that time I have just purchased the console table from the TOO by Blu Dot line on Target.com.

Here's a photo of the console table in transition.  Sometime in the early summer, we decided to re-arrange the furniture in the living room, so the console table in this 2nd photo is against the wall where the couch used to be in the BEFORE photo. 

This is the so-called my first attempt at creating a gallery wall, haha.  I had a lot fun playing with it.  After a while, I realized that there were too many colors on the wall and it looked too heavy and busy to me.  So I decided to do a white frame gallery wall of art prints with more negative space. 

Here comes the AFTER photo. 

Most of these art prints are from rifle paper & co - super lovely illustrations by Anna Bond.  The telephone and "hello" were actually not art prints, but greeting cards.  Each box of cards comes with 4 different art prints x multiple copies, all related to one theme.  So I thought they'd make the wall look more cohesive.  It's an easy way to add some theme or style to the wall without being too matchy matchy.  The art prints inside the gold frame are greeting cards as well.  It is also a pretty inexpensive way to put together a gallery wall.

I ended up not using only white frames, but also a couple of gold and blue frames as well. Since most of my art prints are from same artist, I thought it'd be a good idea to mix and match the frames a little bit to add some eclectic elements.  I did use one photography I took of my terrier, which is in the blue frame :)


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