Dangerous Blog Badges

Dangerous Blog Badges - student project

I am currently in the middle of a redesign for my blog, Dangerous Enough. With a logo that incorporates dynamite and a color palette centered around khaki and neon, I wanted to play with the idea of merit badge type icons incorporating other "dangerous" things for my blog category icons, keeping things graphic, bold, and playful.

Right now I'm stuck between two different artistic directions- one using more simplistic illustrations  of easily recognizeable "dangerous" things that can relate to the categories I am working on (fire or knives for cooking, volcano for travel, lightning for inspiration), or slightly more detailed illustrations that would be more clearly related to the categories, but finding a way to incorporate a stick of dynamite into each of them (a dynamite candle in a cupcake for "cooking" or a stick of dynamite in a row of lipsticks for "beauty"). 

I'm finding that each direction lends itself more easily to some categories than others, so i am still working through this in my head (and through various lists). Here is my initial list for dangerous things-

Dangerous Blog Badges - image 1 - student project

and here are some very initial sketches of dynamite incorporated into my badges-

Dangerous Blog Badges - image 2 - student project

There's definitely some refining to the concepts that needs to be done, but for now at least here is where it stands.