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Danger Woman

Hey Patrick, totally stoked to be taking this class. Slowly but surely making my way through the videos and i'm hoping to learn a lot from each one!

I'm doing my project both on paper and on my computer, but I don't have any way of showing off my pencil sketches so this will be purely digital work!

So this is a character i've had in my head for quite some time, I figure in this class i'd like to use her as a base to pose off of. Nothing is going to be as refined as this image, i'm going to keep everything loose and rough to keep the energy of each pose alive

So to get a better look, this is a decent image so you can get a good idea of what my character actually looks like

So i've started with the first few videos and here are a couple example of what i've come up with in terms of reference and building the figure up from the gestural stage

Did some poses without reference, just trying new things

Unrelated to Danger Woman but this is an action pose I tried drawing using my own body as a reference.

Critiques are always welcome, I can't learn if I don't know what i'm doing wrong :]

To be updated as I continue the program!

Nick Leong

portfolio: http://nicholasleong.carbonmade.com/

blog: http://fluffkomixart.tumblr.com/

e-mail: [email protected]


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