Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

So, I got all Danger on the quiz. I am buried under work and it's either this or go crazy. We'll see.


Collecting open loops was a succes, but I was using Wunderlist as a task manager. Did not translate well to the processing phase. I found it hard to set up Areas of Responsibility with Projects in them in a way that made sense to my brain. Bought Todoist instead, now starting the processing over.


This has literally not happened in almost two years!


Once I switched to Todoist, it really clicked-it was very easy to use. I even sprung for the $29 premium version- it is worth it to be able to forward emails to projects so I know I won't forget them but they don't have to hang out in my inbox. I have everything neatly sorted into Areas/Projects/Next Actions. I LOVE that I am not using my email as a to do list anymore!




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