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Danger! Danger! Danger!


Howdy! Angie here.

I just took the GTD.LAB Diagnostic Quiz and it confirmed my suspicions ... I am a mess!

Quiz Results


Yeah. Me again...

So I spent last watching most of the videos for the class and finished up this morning. I wanted to get a feel for the entire process (specifically the 'why') before I started to dig in to the individual steps. The bird's-eye-view has already given me some great ideas of how I can start implementing the individual steps and has me itching to get going.

The rest of today will be spent going through the suggested resources and getting the first wave of open loops into whatever system I end up using. I'm running a PC so I'm going to have to be a bit more creative. Since I work from at least two different computer, my iPhone and iPad, the ability to share my tasks and information over several different devices is paramount.

From what I can see at the moment, email is going to be the most difficult part of the process for me since I literally have thousands of emails and years-worth of information to sift through in 3 different locations (work email, personal biz email, and personal email).

My Desk at Work (Right Now)

My Desk at Work (Right Now)

PM Update: Started using Todoist (since I'm on PC) and signed up for Mailstrom for two of my email accounts (not doing anything with my work email just yet).

Mailstrom Progress


Published a new book on Thursday night (I own a small publishing house) and spent most of my day on Friday with the family, so I did more maintenance on the email box and have been processing all new email. Todoist is set up with most of my projects and I have been knocking them out, right and left.

Also made some progress in adding my projects to Evernote, which I was already using to store writing notes. Set up the notebooks per the video and filed all of the notes that I had in there already.


Spent much of December processing emails and other open loops, preparing to be off on vacation for two glorious weeks. Spent those two weeks sicker than a dog, with what could only be called 'The Plague.' Did a little bit, here and there, to keep myself from going crazy, but spent most of my time in bed, watching movies, or sleeping.

Headed back to work this week and I've been processing emails and open loops like a BOSS! Inbox zero is not quite in sight, but I am treading water for the most part in 2 of my email boxes (I've given up *momentarily* on my personal one).

Todoist has been a champ and I'm slowly getting into the habit of putting all of my "Crap, I need to do that!" thoughts that I can't do immediately in there.

The Current Problem: My focus has gone from trying to remember what I have to do to getting things done. Good, right? My issue is that I'm feeling less creative than EVER. With my inspiration cratered, how the heck am I supposed to run a creative biz??


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