Dandre's Freelance Portfolio (dandrebarrett.webflow.io)

Different is normal. DIfferent is healthy. Different is scary. In my work, i seek out what's different about my subject. I feel what’s different about the project. Then I communicate the beauty of being different. My favorite leisure is connecting with that beauty all around me, in art and mankind.


Sometimes my ideas are just ideas. Other times my ideas are seeds. I tend to this garden of ideas like a farmer. Often to remind myself of the nature of creativity. At it’s root, creativity is man’s farm. Constantly producing. Constantly growing.


I started designing at a young age to keep myself entertained. Writing scary novels at the school lunch table, sketching comic novels at the dinner table. I’ve created dozens of t-shirt designs, for personal use and to make a profit. I’ve built a rapport with the shopkeeps in my city and I work to find solutions for their problems. I study sales, marketing, branding, and keep an eye open for what’s in, and what’s impactful. When I speak, I want to share a story that’s rewarded with smiles. I’m a consultant and I specialize in branding for the modern world.


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