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Step One: Selecting Your Text

  I adapted "Nellie Clark" from Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology. I chose this piece in particular because I was drawn to the fact that this piece had the capability to tell two separate stories from one point of view set in two different timelines. The piece is a reflection of a past incident, but that incident served as a major catalyst for a set of incidents that eventually lead to the end of her life. The piece is rather dark, but within the words looms a sense of innocence that attracted me, and I saw that Nellie could be interpreted as a victim of circumstance who couldn't possibly control or understand what happened to her and why, yet everyone still blames her for it years after the fact without ever actually illuminating her on what happened and/or helping her recover from this tragedy. I felt compelled to tell her story, but I didn't want to portray her as a helpless victim. I wanted her to be strong and to reflect her endurance, but I also wanted to keep in tact the sense of fragility and fear that resides within her.

Step Two: Drafting Your Screenplay


Step Three: Writing Your Logline

A young girl's tragic encounter with sexual abuse follows her throughout her life, leading to her isolation, her downfall, and her retribution. 


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