Dancing with Sol Lewitt

Dancing with Sol Lewitt - student project

Rather than one work of art that attracted me to explore, I found an artist, much of whose work is painted on walls (not sure why he called them "wall drawings" rather than "murals"), Sol Lewitt.

What appeals to me most is his use of color.. I'm a sucker for bright primary colors and, although he uses more than just red, blue and yellow, the effect calls forth primary emotions when viewing his work.

Because many of the images of his creations found online are copyrighted, I used a book cover of his work for my cover image. 

Here are a couple of details from much larger pieces that attracted me.

Dancing with Sol Lewitt - image 1 - student project


Dancing with Sol Lewitt - image 2 - student project

He also has a number of pieces in black and white that use lines and swirls, just as the colors do.

Because these swirls of color speak to my spirit rather than my mind, I didn't want to try to analyze them. just feel them. When your spirit is dancing, why would you want to stop and coldly analyze. Sorry. That's my point of view.