Dancing to the Band

Update:  June 2, 2016

I built up a drummer character to animate from scratch.  Then I spent a lot of time last night rigging the properties that I wanted to animate (shoulders, wrists, head, eyes, etc.) and animated him.  This morning, I added the drum kit and stool and finished up the animation.


June 1, 2016

First attempt at this project:


I've learned a lot going through the videos and trying my hand at this animation.  Making the vector art had its own challenges.  I am not familiar with Adobe Illustrator and found that tool has its own learning curve yet to be dealt with.  I ended up using Affinitiy Designer, which is much easier to use for vector illustration, but does not easily import into After Effects.  I ended up exporting the puppet pieces as PNG files and then importing them, arranging them in the composition and replacing the arms and legs with path strokes anyway.  Good learning experience.

I plan to take what I have learned and make a few band members to add to this project soon.


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