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Dancing Skeleton + Girls with Condiments


Databending with Audacity.

Started with a photo of some girls posing with condiments:

I applied an several Echo effects to the lower part of the image and a band of Bass Boost at the top:

I tried adding a Bass Boost to the whole image, but I felt like that diminished some of the cooler Echoes and didn't leave me much to work with:

I took a step back and used the Equalizer on (all of) the previous image. The synergy between the Equalizer and the Echoes was significantly more interesting than its effect on the Bass Boost:

Next I inverted the whole thing:

...and then cut/pasted the whole thing until the waveform seemed sufficiently disordered:

Anyway, I like it? Kind of feel like the effects I'm getting out of Audacity are v. much like the filters available in Photoshop, though.


I decided to use a .gif that a friend of mine sent to me, from what is apparantly a CLASSIC Disney cartoon that I had never heard of before, The Skeleton Dance. Its Wikipedia page is pretty detailed, for those who share my interest in the MACABRE. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Skeleton_Dance

The original .gif was four frames, so I separated those out and created four individual .jpgs. I also upped the size, because the original .gif was only 477x355, and I wanted more pixel space to play with. Here are those four images:

I used Hex Fiend to edit two sets of these. I played around with TextEdit, as well, but I preferred the results I was getting with HF, at least initially. I did find that it was pretty easy to push the images into completely glitched-out forms, which is kind of the point, right? Even so, I made an effort to keep the glitches minimal in about half the frames I created, because I wanted to keep the original subject somewhat coherent.




Two versions of each frame because I wanted my new version of the .gif to be a bit more dynamic than the original. I strung these eight frames together sequentially (1a -> 2a -> 3a -> 4a -> 1b -> 2b -> 3b -> 4b) resemble the animation in the original .gif.


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