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Lauren McCrea

Graphic designer



Dancing Gardens

I was sitting in my backyard recently watching the flowers sway in the wind. They seemed to be dancing to the tune of the wind, pirouetting and gyrating to a choreography that was effortless, which gave me the idea for this pattern challenge.

For my moodboard I chose images that represented rhythm and movement and I will be looking to do a floral theme.

Flourishes seem to bend and bow much like the stems I saw that day swaying in the wind. And Avedon's image of the dancers represent grace an beauty - much like nature. I'm really going to like this project. Off to the garden to draw!


SKETCHES: I really enjoyed the drawing aspect of this project. I spend two mornings drawing. It's good to get out the pencil again; I forgot how much I love it.

I am just posting this page of sketches as it is helpoing finalize my flourish shaped leaf. It is always interesting to me the personality a project takes on.



I felt like my design captured the dancers from the Avedon photo within my moodboard. My shapes were simple but I like the movement and feeling of them as if they were jumping. I toned down my colors, but I kept the blue and yellow that I wanted to go for from the start.

I can't thank you enough Elizabeth for your generous spirit and your great instruction.  I really learned alot and now I am totally addicted!


Here are 2 main color choices:


AND single color blends for accent.


REPEAT: Here is the repeat of my pattern as curtains. It was difficult to make them look sheer, so imagine sheer. I think a sheer fabric would give it the lightness and movement related to objective of the design.


Throw Pillow:


And here it is in the other main color:



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