Dancing Donna - Dance App

Dancing Donna - Dance App - student project

Dancing Donna... What an app!

I work for Motus Digital, a motion capture studio. In 2012, we wanted to create an app that that relied heavily on motion capture and could easily be re-skinned so we could quickly create similar character based animation apps.  This was also before we had any in-house programmers.

We contracted a small team to built the prototype.  The main goal was to see if it was fun to make the character dance to the music. It worked pretty well so we continued development.  

We then brought on two in-house developers so they could work on the app full time who added the following feature.

  • In-app store to sell outfits, music and additional dance moves.
  • Re-build the animation manager to make transitions smoother and allow the use to match the tempo of any song.
  • "Take a Picture" feature that allowd you to share user pictures on Facebook.
  • Website to direct our social efforts.

The "final" version of the app released in Summer of 2014.