Dancing Blossom

Dancing Blossom - student project

I've been participating in the weekly Spoonflower design challenges and watched this class shortly after producing my most successful pattern to date in the Coral Limited Colour Palette challenge.  I already had a few colourways ready, but I really wanted to try creating a complete collection.


I didn't really have a moodboard.  I left it very close to the submission deadline before I started my design so instead of starting something from scratch, I decided to rework an old pattern (my very first in fact!) using the given colour palette and incorporating some of the design tips that I have learned.


Dancing Blossom - image 1 - student project


So, after a bit of tweaking this is what I ended up with:

Dancing Blossom - image 2 - student project

I had three potential colourways, which was the catalyst for creating a collection.

Here's the whole collection.  It's called Dancing Blossom after someone commented that the flowers looked like they were dancing.

Dancing Blossom - image 3 - student project


To create the spot graphic I simply took the motif from the secondary print, which I thought looked quite elegant.

Dancing Blossom - image 4 - student project


Dancing Blossom is available to buy from my Spoonflower shop.

Lilian Barker
Papercrafter & Surface Pattern Designer