DanceHub - student project

Ever tried finding a local dance related class, studio or event?
We have—it’s a pain.
Here is what the process typically looks like:
1) Pick your poison: Google, Bing, Yahoo, AltaVista (kidding that was so…1999).
2) Enter key words such as: “Salsa Classes in San Francisco”.
3) Comb through the results. Click on some links. Get disappointed.
4) Back track. Click on some more links…find something promising.
5) Congratulations! A studio with a decent website.
6) Wait what? This month’s class schedule is on a PDF flyer?!
7) Download flyer. Squint to find a class.
8) Don’t find any classes that match what you are looking for? Start again.
… you get the idea
Now imagine the same task on DanceHub:
1) Go to, conveniently localized for your dancing pleasure.
2) Search for a class—filter based on dance style, time, cost and distance
3) Ta-da! Explore Results. Read reviews.
4) Connect to the right class or instructor. Get directions.
5) Dance!
Why are we on this mission?
We are passionate about the world of dance and we believe the dance community should be better connected and better served.