Damn the Leg! Save the Body!

Damn the Leg! Save the Body! - student project

What I want is to get fit once more. I used to be; I know I was. In the next year I want to complete one short triathlon. Eleven years from now, when I'm 45 (oh boy), I want to complete an Ironman. I was reasonably fit, a decent swimmer and long distance runner, and I know how to ride a bike.

This time last year I was bed/couch ridden due to a blood clot that had developed in my right leg. Being a typical man, I ignored the pain behind my knee for a couple of weeks. One day I noticed my calf had swollen to twice its normal size and I couldn't walk. I kind of fell out of bed. Went from the Medi-Centre to the emergency room in less than an hour. The ultrasound showed the clot had created blockage from the middle of my thigh down to my ankle. I joined a clinical drug trial for a new blood thinner and was orderd to stay off my leg for at least a couple of weeks. Very difficult to do when you have a 6-month-old and have just taken over a small buisiness. Eventually with treatment the blood clot disappeared and life resumed as normal as it could be. I do need to take low-dose aspirin every day and wear a medical stocking on my damaged leg for the next year.

My problem after all this was the damage the clot had done to my leg. Any kind of workout involving the use of my legs made it hurt enough that I needed two days to recover. It did have its advantages. I didn't have to chop and stack the firewood that year. Now that I want to get fit again I need to get over that worry that my leg will hold me back and go for it. 

My main fitness goals are to:

  • take my medication, take care of my leg
  • create and maintain a realistic fitness routine
  • oh and build my own rafter chin-up bar

(Project Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons Search)