Damn! I'm hungry

Hey amigos, for this project I decided to make a phrase that some people told me I use a lot. I thought it was funny so here is the result.

Short story behind this:

Friends and family usually tell me I'm constantly hungry, day and night, and I attent to mention it once in a while (bit annoying I guess). I wanted to do something fun so I can hang it in my wall or somewhere and I won't repeat it anymore, people just will see it there. 


As you can see I was not sure how this sentence is properly spelled, since I'm not native english speaker I went with Damn! I'm hungry option. If its wrong let me know so I make adjustments. 


I wanted something vintage looking, like an old label or cup coaster. I checked some lettering and logos for inspiration too.

Warming up

I moved to create some quick lettering so I could get my ideas clear.


I was not sure how it would look like, I made a few thumbnails until I felt it was approaching to the way I wanted.


Then I did some options till arrived to this one.

Cleaned it a bit.

And by this point I was ready to ink it, but I had some problems with my pens (two got dry, out of nowhere and one I broke it :)), so I tried to digitalize everything.


When I made this I realized there is a second part of the class, including how to put color and texture, probably I will add some details later. But if I made these options now then it could be useful to get some opinions and feedback.

I liked it, but I wanted to try something a bit more colorful.

I felt good about this option, thought it might be done. But I saw some blank spaces which I thought I could give some use. I made an option 2 and with help decide which one could work the best.

And so it was done, when I add some texture, or print it I will probably post it so you can see the result. Meanwhile feel free to give an advice, feedback or critic (hopefully positive :)) if you would like, I will listen to the comments.

Thanks and keep eating :)


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