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Damn Good Coffee

I'm a Twin Peaks fanatic as well as a lover of coffee. I've always wanted to do justice to my favorite show by making a print series of my favorite quotes. I'm beginning with "Damn good coffee! And hot!" (S1:E3)

- - -

Here are some of my inspirational images

I suspect I will require a fair amount of coffee and doughnuts to complete this project

- - -

Toying around

- - -

My five styles

I had a whole lot of trouble with my o's. My favorite was script (I learned a lot about weight in that video. That helped me a whole lot.) Fancy serif was the most fun but it obviously needs work. I tried to add a dropshadow but it looked sad. 

- - -

I gave it a shape and I think it helped me out. I couldn't pick out my "fonts" but this was a preliminary.

Just some doodles to figure some things out but I think I finally have my goal in mind. Any advice to improve this one is always appreciated.

- - -

I found a screeenshot I took and saved for later copying

So I encorporated some elements into my doodle


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