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Damian cover

Hi everybody, so here is my project. I study Graphic design in Prague but this was my first project where I focused only on lettering.

I've choose by favorite book Demian from Hermann Hesse. Story is baout spirutual development of a young man Emil Sinclair. His life is influence and guided by mysterious friend Demian. You can read something about the book here.

I started with some initial brainstorming and sketches. I've played with the idea of Cain the brother of Abel as book references this bible story in an interesting way. Then Yin and Yang also came to my mind as the book is pretty much about good vs evil, two sites of human personality. Apple also appeared as a symbol, again referencing bible and Eve's first sin ... it's kind of complicated :)).

All sketches were sort of general and boring. I realize I'm stucked so I came back to mind mapping following advice from Jessica. It helped me as I started to focus on more concrete moments from the book

Then I got an idea to reference for me the most intense episode. It is when Sinclair makes up a story about steeling the apples from neighbor garden. He is then blackmailed by local rogue. He for the first time disconnects from idyllic child word. The whole episode is very intense and it sets the mood and theme for the whole book. Constant fight between good and bad inside the mind / soul.

Finally I took D from Garamond typeface and drew the scene in it. First manually and then digitally.

I quite like the simplicity and symbolism behind it. Reaching for an apple references the strong episode from book plus it connects with the bible and Eve's first sin. The book is about self-examination through accepting the evil side of human soul. ... Well I don't want to get too serious about it so let's come back to the design.

Here are the final mock-ups. I've used Garamond for the title as well. It is kind of old and serious which goes well with the book. Minimalistic composition gives it more contemporary feel (I hope). I decided to use earth-tone colors as a reference to spirituality and life cycle. But again I don't want to look too serious, it was just first spontaneous idea about the colors.

Orange just for fun.

And here is my final solution. Using "goldish yellow" with deep red feels best. I can't explain why, it simply feels best for the book.

Here is the flat preview.

To sum it all up it was really fun. I enjoyed the freedom and not thinking too much about the concept being right or wrong, if the message is there etc. I just did it as I felt.

So let me know what you think. Any comments are more than welcome.



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