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Alisa Damaso

Illustrator, Designer, Writer, Maker



Damaso Family Crest

Personally, this was a fitting project to close off October with, October being Filipino-American History Month :) Thank you Aaron for the fun class! 


My ancestors are Filipino, however our name "Damaso" is from Portuguese/Spanish "Dámaso", which further derives from Greek Damasos, which means "tamer". Funnily enough I have a lion tattoo, but lions are played out in the family crest game so I avoided that image.


I really like the calligraphic style of Germania One; it somehow reminds me of islands and it seemed to fit my family name. For the secondary font I used Berlin Sans, which went really well with Germania One -- overall, the text feels very classic and islandy.


The banana tree is a huge part of our culture, so I made the laurels in the shape of banana leaves. We are huge on cooking (and food in general), so I made that a prominent part of the crest with the caldero icon and "Let's Eat!" text. Most of the Damasos are now based in Los Angeles, so I added the Downtown LA skyline and palm trees (also a shout-out to the Islands). Lastly, apparently my paternal grandfather swore by Vicks VapoRub's all-healing powers (think the Greeks and Windex), and he carried it around with him everywhere. I never met him (he died before my eldest brother was born), but I thought it was funny and I knew my family would appreciate the humorous homage to Tatay.


Choosing just two colors was challenging. For the green, I sampled an image of an LA street lined with palm trees; I thought a darker green would work really well. The yellow is actually sampled from the Filipino flag; I wanted to steer clear of blatant, overused Filipino imagery like the sun from the flag, so I decided to use the sun's color in the crest instead. The warmth of the yellow and the cool of the green complement each other nicely.




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